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PSI is your one stop shop for all your paving and asphalt maintenance needs in British Columbia and Alberta. With over 21 combined years of experience in civil construction, road building, and asphalt paving and repairs, you can trust us to do the absolute best job possible!

Pavement Solutions Inc.

PSI is your go to company for all your paving and asphalt maintenance needs in British Columbia and Alberta. With 12 years experience in highway repair and maintenance, you can trust us to do the absolute best job possible!

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About Us

Originally in just the spray patch arena throughout BC and Alberta, we expanded to become a full service asphalt provider, from asphalt repairs to paving. What were complimentary services to spray patching has become a standalone service from large highway contracts to commercial parking lots and strata complexes. 

One call does it all

We Utilize Industry Best Practices

We source the most current methods to ensure only the highest quality products are used that provide the best return on investment for Road Maintenance Companies, Stratas, Commercial Properties, and Homeowners. This ensures a long term solution at the best rates.

We provide a wide variety of asphalt services for homeowners, commercial property owners and property managers looking to build, preserve, and repair one of their most expensive assets: Asphalt. Backed by years of experience, the best equipment and materials in the industry, PSI takes the guesswork out of paving, maintaining or repairing your asphalt assets. Proactive measures can extend the life of your existing asphalt, reduce liability exposure due to uneven and cracked asphalt, and limit further property damage and the need for dramatically more expensive rebuilds in the future.

Our Services


From smaller patches to driveways, parking lots, commercial yards and secondary roads, we pave it all.

Every pave job we do is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail, and we never skimp on material quality and thickness.

Infrared Asphalt Repair

Infrared asphalt repairs repair alligation cracking, potholes, joints, distressed drain and manhole surrounds, and more, leaving a seamless repair while recycling 80% of the existing asphalt.


Crack Sealing

As small perforations and cracks begin to develop, water infiltrates these surface imperfections and begins to expand and contract inside the asphalt and sub base. To prevent further erosion and destruction, we apply the highest grade hot crack sealer (not the cheap hardware store product) to surface cracks, one of the most cost effective asphalt repairs available today.

Using a heat lance and our purpose built crack seal machine, we identify, clean, and fill surface cracks up to 3/4″. This prevents water from entering the cracks and further damaging the asphalt and sub base, preventing much larger and more expensive repairs down the road.

Manhole and Drain Adjustment

Manholes, drains, water valves and other important access points in asphalt surfaces often suffer first from severe cracking, erosion and more, leading to sunken or raised manholes/drains. This can result in poor drainage, tripping hazards, vehicle and snowplow damage, and further damage the surrounding asphalt over time. Our experienced crew will remove the affected asphalt, rebuild and relevel the damaged manholes/drains/valves, and finish off the affected area with fresh compacted asphalt, making it better than new!

And so much more...

We provide a wide range of custom construction and repair services. Have a problem or a project you’d like a creative and cost effective perspective on? Reach out today and connect with our experienced team.

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